Hi! Legs
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Become Heroe for someone!

Shoes Hi! Legs are an instrument that we together change the lives of others.

How does it work?

If you have old shoes, boots, sandals or sneakers in good quality, but you can not find the use for them (you do not like it, does not fit in size) - You can become someone's Heroe.

We exchange such shoes on the new HI! Legs at a discount of 25%. All received pairs are restored and given to people who need it.

Whom and how shoes are transferred?

The collected shoes are first restored and disinfected. After that we give it to those people who need it more than just as part of the wardrobe.

In order to get footwear free of charge you need to fill out a questionnaire at our site or call.

After that we will clarify all details and offer possible variants of footwear.

What shoes are suitable for exchange?

We exchange shoes of any brands. It may be new or worn shoes, have minor damage or unglued sole, but we ask you for an understanding, bring the shoes clean.
For the exchange is not suitable models of low-quality leather substitutes, homemade slippers, flip-flops and felt pins or any other cheap shoes, which is not subject to restoration.

Why are we doing this?

In 2014, we launched a collection of women's and men's shoes under the ukrainian brand ETNODIM. Our goal was to create quality shoes that could compete with european brands.

Having worked on the market for 4 years, we have set up and improved production technology, assembled modern equipment and received a large number of satisfied customers.

At the beginning of 2018, there was an understanding of what we want and can be more than just a footwear manufacturer. So came the idea of ​​creating a brand with a charitable direction.


Man does not just buy a new pair of high quality shoes Hi! Legs at a discount of 25%, she is also involved in a good case.

Students from low-income families, dysfunctional residents or low-income workers who can not afford to buy good shoes for a variety of reasons can get it for free.

We get new customers who we encourage to help others.