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Collection of shoes in the style of the best traditions of classic fashion photography.
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Hi! Legs - новая волна эстетического наслаждения
Одна пара обуви - миллион впечатлений
The fantasy is boundless, go beyond.
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Your wardrobe is a small universe that you control only.
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Обувь, как отражение тебя
Hi! Vegan - мини-коллекция веганской обуви от Хай! Легс
Hi! Legs is pleased to present five couples from the Vegan collection. And so, this is just the beginning!
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Shoes can emphasize an image, play the role of an accent, or simply harmoniously play with other things.
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Коротко о главном: «Роль обуви в гардеробе"
Любимые герои кинолент в обуви Hi! Legs
We imagined that the world stars came to our store and chose our pair of Hi! Legs shoes. What happened next?
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Team Hi! Legs started autumn by shooting a new shoe, choosing a color and contrasting location in Lviv.
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Осенняя коллекция обуви "Color Theory"
Hi! Legs: герои среди нас
Hi! Legs is a concept that lives, spreads and becomes even more popular, so most people can get help.
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Hi! Legs joined the initiative of the charity fund "Happyold", and transferred the shoes to pensioners, and people who do not have a permanent residence.
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200 пар обуви на благотворительность: помощь пожилым людям от Хай! Легс
Не «вьетнамками» едиными: 8 вариантов обуви для отпуска
Someone said that there is no difference how old your keds are if you travel to Paris through them. But still comfortable shoes during the trip - this is a guarantee of a good trip.
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